Geometric Flat Back, with Clamshell

A handmade book and clamshell box, designed and created for a wedding guestbook.

I designed and created this handbound flatback book, with a clamshell box as a guestbook for a wedding. The book is double sided, it can be opened form either side, and used for different purposes. The signatures are sewn with linen thread, and made of acid free drawing paper. I used cotton to create book cloth to cover the book and box. The book has stubs so it can be used as a photo album.
The book has stubs so it can be used as a photo album. 
Japanese paper is used for the endpages and paste downs. 
Japanese paper lines the inside of the clamshell box, to match the pastedowns in the book. 
The endband is sewn from Japanese silk thread. 
To personalize the box and book, I designed and hand embossed the box with a "K".
The book fits perfectly inside the box!
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